Smart Grid Cluster

Active Projects Supported by the Cluster

Innovation Acceleration Platform

The Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster supports the innovation, investment, expansion and development of Smart Grid technology in three key ways:

The Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosyster
Illinois is a vibrant economic cluster for driving the smart grid economy forward. Illinois utilities are investing $3.2 billion in the state’s electric grid, providing a unique opportunity to expand smart grid economic activity. Active participants include corporations, utilities, research institutions, federal labs, and startups. The Illinois Smart Grid Cluster is bringing these participants together through events that showcase innovative technology, connect entrepreneurs to big business, and support new companies.

Accelerating Growth

Small businesses and startups can join the Illinois Smart Grid Cluster Accelerator for direct business and technical support.  Accelerator companies have access to suite of services including financial support, business plan development, and sales strategies.  We help companies identify federal funding opportunities, and offer a prepackaged turnkey back office to help get young companies up and running faster. Accelerate here.

Launching New Ventures

Investment ready companies can gain access to a network of experienced mentors that embody the smart grid supply chain, network with angel and venture investors, and test new technology on the live grid proving grounds run by Illinois Utilities and Universities.  Companies can also apply for direct investment of up to $1.5M. Launch here.