Smart Grid Cluster




Energy Foundry is an early-stage impact venture capital fund that forges revolutionary energy-tech companies. Our model pairs investment capital with the integrated support and expertise that early stage energy-tech companies need to achieve critical growth.  We add value that goes beyond investment dollars: from utility Testbeds to an experienced, multi-talented advisor network, advice on government funding to foundational partnerships for operational growth.  We support entrepreneurs to make what they do even better.




Consulting by professionals and student teams

In Smart Grid Cluster, you have access to experienced student teams and professionals for business strategic consulting through IIT, ISTC and Energy Foundry.

Service provider: Energy Foundry,ISTC,IIT KEC (professionals), IIT KEC (student teams)


Supply chain optimization and manufacturing support

Service provider: IMEC

Gain access to IMEC’s supplies sources and capabilities of a network of manufacturing service providers, including state and national economic development programs, higher education institutions, specialty service providers, and private sector consultants.